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The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

An Honors University in Maryland

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
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Basically, this is a community forum for anybody who's interested in or attends UMBC, an Honors University in Maryland and also a HOT school according to Newsweek and Kaplan. If you join for the sole purpose of SPAM-ing or advertising bars/clubs, don't bother.

Useful links:
http://umbcscheduler.halflightstudios.org/index.php?m=03&y=08&entry=entry080331-141102 - thingy for setting up your course schedule. java applet.

* LJ-cut is your friend.

Elaboration of LJ-Cut Policy (3/7/05):
LJ-cut anything that's "off-topic", related to "politics and society", or uses a large picture; for the LJ-cut text, have it read: "Politics and Society - [insert text here, giving a brief one sentence synopsis of the content of your post]" or "Off-Topic: [same drill]". Or "Advertisement: [Event, Time, Date or a one sentence synopsis of the content of the post]". In other words - seriously LJ cut where/when appropriate.

Any official UMBC production or school sponsored event may be advertised without the LJ-cut; school sponsored events include stuff held by academic or athletic departments, etc...

* Links and website promotion are allowed for Students, Alumni, Staff, and other affiliated people but let's not let it get out of hand.
* As always, anything deemed inappropriate will be removed; moderators reserve the right to remove entries and/or posts and/or anything otherwise specified as irrelevant or distasteful.

Ask yourself "What would Freeman do?" if you're not sure. (Think of this community as a reflection of the people who go to UMBC.)

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In the words of True Grit:
"Arf! Arf!"