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Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Posted by:dnister.
Time:2:57 pm.
Say ... anyone remember the UMBC DailyJolt website from a very very very long time ago?
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Friday, February 18th, 2011

Subject:One Mod to rule them all.
Posted by:blame_canada.
Time:4:50 pm.
Mood: curious.
So apparently Livejournal wants the maintainers of the UMBC LJ-community to choose one of their number to become the comm's Owner. This would allow that person (and only that person) to decide who gets to be a maintainer and to make large-scale changes to the comm, such as renaming or even deleting it.

So here's a question to the other maintainers of the comm: do any of you want to be the owner? Does anyone actually do anything to maintain the community? For that matter, does anyone still use this community (given that our last post was over six months ago)?

Your thoughts are welcome.
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Subject:ATTN: students with a .edu email address
Posted by:backstabber.
Time:11:21 am.
Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Which usually costs $79 a year. Perks include free 2 day shipping, and $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP (url shortened with bit.ly)

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni might be able to benefit from this too (though the Terms of Service does say they have the right to ask for proof that you are a current student).

I apologize if you have already heard about this amazing deal. I just want to help spread the word on this before they stop offering it. I am not an employee of Amazon, nor do I gain anything from people signing up for this service.
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Posted by:progress_way.
Time:3:27 pm.
The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!
Participate and tell your friends and classmates!
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Monday, May 31st, 2010

Posted by:vorpalmuse.
Time:2:37 pm.
Does anyone need a place to stay in July and August? I have a townhouse right off campus, and I'm looking for a person or two to fill up the rooms for those two months. Does anyone need a place, or know someone who does?
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Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Subject:Housing near UMBC
Posted by:chameleonkaia.
Time:9:39 pm.
I will be a new doctoral student this fall. I am looking for an apartment or studio within walking distance to UMBC since I do not have a car. I have read about Kendale, Westland, Oaklee, and other apartments.  I live out of state and would like any information that you can share or recommendations of where to live.  Also, if you know of anyone that is looking to rent their place please let me know. I have also found out about the office of off-campus housing and the listing of places along the UMBC bus line.  I would appreciate any specific places that you would recommend for July or August.  I am looking for something budget but also in a safer area to walk. Thanks.
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Monday, December 28th, 2009

Subject:Singing at UMBC?
Posted by:dumblemop.
Time:5:42 pm.
I took MUSC 304 (Jubilee Singers) a few years ago, but haven't taken any other singing course at UMBC. I was looking for recommendations between the several that are offered. I enjoyed Jubilee but don't really want to do it again, so I'm looking at MUSC 303 (Camerata/Chamber Choir) or MUSC 307 (Vocal Arts Ensemble) for courses, or trying out for an a cappella group.

Since all of these options require audition, there's always the chance I wouldn't get in of course, but I'm wondering if anyone has experiences to share about any of them. They all fit with my schedule so far so I can't eliminate any that way.

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Posted by:boxof_rain.
Time:8:06 am.
Hey guys,

I graduated back in december, but i was wondering- does anyone know when you stop having access to your umbc email? I need to switch over to something else eventually, but I want to know how much time I have..
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Friday, September 25th, 2009

Subject:billing question
Posted by:rote_eloquence.
Time:4:27 pm.
i graduated in december but i have a bill for $24.73 for "legacy SAR balance forward."

does anyone know what this is about?
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Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Subject:Question from an ex-UMBC student
Posted by:meowfaceman.
Time:5:17 pm.
This question is from a friend of mine:

Does anyone have access to the UMBC machine shop? I was working with a hobby project and screw hole stripped on a piece that's expensive to replace. Can anyone help me redrill the hole so I don't have to buy a new piece? Free lunch to anyone who helps me out.


AIM: NickTehNewbie
e-mail: nick_marinelli@verizon.net
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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Subject:UMBC Billing Services has been acting up...
Posted by:epeescrub.
Time:2:58 pm.
Mood: drained.
This site's quiet over the summer. Aw well.

I got sent a late fee notice for tuition that I paid on time. According to the Student Business Services people, this has been happening to a lot of people.

Anyone else had this happen? I wonder if I should've gotten something in writing to say that I don't owe them anything.
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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Subject:Hot town, summer in the city
Posted by:the_salton_sea.
Time:11:24 am.
Rent my room! ($500/beginning around August 1) I live in an awesome rowhouse in Charles Village, between JHU and Station North, right near a grocery, bus lines, you name it. I lived in CV and went to UMBC and it was super rad. Here's the craigslist post: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/roo/1260941901.html for more details. The other roommates are also recent UMBC grads. Yay!
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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Posted by:vorpalmuse.
Time:9:59 pm.
Sort of an odd question, but does anyone know what the cable package they have in Hillside? That's the one I want to buy for my off-campus place. I only want those few channels. :p
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Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Subject:Looking for marketing major
Posted by:bluescreenoftom.
Time:9:37 am.
Fellow UMBC students/grads - I'm seeking a marketing major to work with me on promoting a website I created over the last year or so in my spare time. While I can manage the development and test of the system, I realize I'm out of my league in trying to promote it and get new users. The site has a potential to make money, and I am willing to share a percentage of any profits made. This is a risk-free opportunity... it's a spare-time activity for me and I anticipate it will be for you too. If we make something, great. If not, that's fine too. So see this as an opportunity to put all the stuff you're learning/have learned to work.

The site is a family-oriented tool for exchanging gift ideas between friends and family members. It does not contain any questionable content. It is open to the public and is not oriented towards any particular audience.

If you're interested, please reply with your email address and I will be in contact with you.
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Friday, June 12th, 2009

Posted by:thecomicissmrt.
Time:12:00 am.
anyone know when the spring degrees are posted to transcripts?
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Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Posted by:victorniguel.
Time:12:08 am.
 So I know grades usually come out really late, but does anyone know the actual day they have to be posted on? I was unable to find it on the website.

Thanks in advance!:D
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Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Subject:Commencement Bus
Posted by:lokklyn.
Time:6:56 pm.
Has anyone heard about the mythical commencement busses? I was going through my email and stumbled upon a message from Eleanor Lewis that mentioned busses that left for the ceremony at 10:30a and 11:30a, but not from where they were departing. I haven't received a confirmation email after RSVPing, so I wonder if they actually exist.

Does anyone have additional information?
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Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Subject:Hippodrome Events!
Posted by:writerchick.
Time:3:31 pm.
Mood: excited.
UMBC Community!

So it's almost time for finals and the end of the semester, which means you need events to do to procrastinate and then things to do instead of being in school after the semester ends!

This weekend, celebrate before the end of the semester by going to see Movin' Out at the Hippodrome. Movin' Out is a musical featuring the work of Billy Joel, and it's only going to be at the Hippodrome for ONE weekend (check out a video about the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Daw1VjIAfg&feature=related). There are going to be several UMBC students in attendance this weekend, so you should make it a point to check it out. Because we're all poor college students, be sure to take advantage of the $20 discount when you use the discount code "BRENDA" on Ticketmaster to get tickets (http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&q=hippodrome+movin%27+out&search.x=0&search.y=0). I hope to see some other UMBC students there this weekend!

Coming later this season to the Hippodrome is the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening. This is my favorite musical of the moment; it's a musical unlike any other - it's an incredibly compelling story with rock music as part of its score. If you're interested in seeing the show, it's going to be at the Hippodrome from June 9 - 21. Once again, we've got a great hookup for getting a discount on tickets:

Save $10 on tickets!*
Use Code: GUILTY

*Tues., Wed., and Sun. evenings in price level II only. Not valid on previoulsy purchased tickets. Due to the nature of live entertainment; dates, times, performers and prices are subject to change. Spring Awakening is for mature audiences, please visit SpringAwakening.com for more information. All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket. No exchanges or refunds.

Online - Visit Ticketmaster.com and use the provided discount code
Phone - Call Ticketmaster at 410.547.SEAT and use the provided discount code
In Person - Visit the Hippodrome Theatre Box Office and mention the discount code

If you want to keep track of other discounts on shows at the Hippodrome, keep an eye on http://hippodromeintern.wordpress.com/discounts/ to see when discounts for shows are posted. Baltimore is a great place to be, so take advantage of UMBC's location and go see a show or two!

-Stephanie Ferrone
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Friday, April 17th, 2009

Posted by:fugitives.
Time:5:26 pm.
Hey all, I was wondering if I could get some input before I make my college decision. Is anyone here have/had an Elementary Education major? If so can you tell me some pros and cons that you experienced/are experiencing while aiming for your degree? Thanks!
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Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Posted by:vorpalmuse.
Time:11:54 am.
So my two roommates and I have been apartment hunting for a month or so. We found this awesome-looking place called Walden Circle, but I later learned from someone that it turned into a very bad neighborhood at night. (Someone was shot and killed 50 feet from his front door, etc etc.)

I decided to ask y'all about the places we've found. Just for another opinion on things. :3

Is Walden Circle still bad?

How are Westland Gardens?

We're also looking at Selford Townhomes.

Lastly, there's a vacant townhouse 1209 Elm Street in Halethorpe that we've been looking at. Is that a nice area?

Thanks for your tips!
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LiveJournal for University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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